• Saudi–Egyptian laundry company


    Introduce a new concept of laundry & cleaning services in egypt, with clear objectives and great distinctions, setting it apart from competitors in the market. With over 25 years of experience in the laundry business.

  • Nile company for food and beverage

    Introduces tasteful international food & drinks

  • Telal Arriyadh company for natural water treatment and bottling

    A company for water natural bottling field which produce and distribute Aqua life product

About us

Ajlan Arabia Holding Company–Egypt was founded in 2012 after january 25th revolution to create an investment climate in Arab Republic of Egypt.

First, it started with the opening of Telal Arriyadh company in 2014. A company for water natural bottling field which produced and distributed Aqua life product.

Second, the opening of Saudi-Egyptian laundry company (tala) in 2014, a company for laundry and dry ironing field for all kinds of clothes and materials.

Third, the foundation of Nile Company for food and Beverge since 2014, it seeks forming a chain of restaurants that have unique services in order to serve the middle east region.